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  • What type of services does Under 1 Roof provide?
    The concept of providing services to the homeless in Dallas/Collin County began in 2010 when Verna Jones and Vanessa Ousley, were motivated to provide services to assist homeless individuals, families and children. Since then, Under1 Roof has expanded its services too include: career counseling, educational tutoring for adults and children, legal counseling, financial management skill, and life-skills mentoring all of these services are taught by our volunteers.
  • How can I donate to help a family?
    Under 1 Roof benefits from the generosity of an ever growing number of people, businesses, churches and organizations. While the reasons for giving are as varied as their interests and financial circumstances, all share common desire to provide hope, dignity and a brighter future for homeless families receiving our services.
  • Is Under 1 Roof a Shelter?
    Under 1 Roof housing programs are geared to serve extremely low and moderate income families who have become homeless due to reasons such as divorce, domestic violence, loss of employment, and health issues. We also serve homeless families that have an extensive history or current substance abuse problem, criminal history or chronic disability. Under 1 Roof is not a shelter!
  • How do I obtain housing from Under 1 Roof?
    In order to obtain housing with Under 1 Roof you MUST be residing in one of the local shelters and referred by shelter case manager. You must have proof of homelessness on agency letterhead. U1R does not take walk-ins. Additional questions please contact Under 1 Roof staff at (214) 343-4000. When an individual or family is referred to Under 1 Roof for services, they are carefully screened and, once found eligible, the family is provided with safe affordable housing, and all of the services offered by the agency. After intake, an Individual Service Plan (ISP) is written exclusively to meet the need of that particular program participant.
  • How are donations spent?
    All donations received by Under 1 Roof go to providing items that will make our program participants feel they have a home to go to. Our concept is not just to give them a roof with four walls, but to give them a home that they feel safe and comfortable in returning to.
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