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Client Stories 

Family Using a Tablet
My family and I was at the shelter after fleeing a domestic violence situation unsure what was going to be our next step so after hearing about Under 1 Roof I attended the orientation and was housed. My family was finally safe from my abuser. I am grateful that Under 1 Roof exist. It has been such a blessing in my life, but also in the lives of my children. I was asked the question “If it were not for Under 1 Roof I would have returned to my abuser” I was out of options lack of family support. Under 1 Roof provided me with a home for me and my three children when we moved into our apartment our basic needs was taken care of furniture (beds, dresser, couch, dining room table) we received a starter kit with sheets, towels, dishes, cookware and so much more. I was only looking for housing and received so much more. Case Management was mandatory for this program and I needed that to start rebuilding my life for me and my children. We have gained so much by obtaining housing with under 1 Roof. My children attend daycare at Vogel Alcove this enable me to work and save money they attend summer camps through Rainbow Days, Captain Hope’s Kids and DISD. Under 1 Roof has empowered me to take my family to another level. I thanks God every day for this blessing. I am in school now my children are stable making new friends.


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